About Me

Hello there ! 🙂

I am  Chizobam (Zobam) Zobeashia (Zobs), You can call me ” Chizzy”. I  was born in the late 80’s on the 18th of July.  I live in the southern part of Nigeria.

I am a Fine artist, fashion observer, comfort seeker, makeup artist/ tutor, and a seamstress sometimes. I love to make things out of nothing and I hate wasting things. Hence, I could be a hoarder sometimes *giggles 🙂

I love my face a lot hence, I splurge on makeup most times. I love to give a good face beat to anyone that calls for my services. I love to take selfies when I am on a full glam, but believe me, I love to chill out a lot without makeup too.

I love to make dresses and look nice generally at a very affordable cost. My style can be described as comfy, feminine and most times tomboyish.   So we would be teaching each other how throw some nice cloths on, to do some DIYs, some recipes (I LOVE FOOD) and how to do lots of things.

My blog is an outlet for me to encourage women, young ladies and everyone in general to make use of things around them to make something new, revamp and improve at any given time…

I am blessed with the most supportive husband ever!! and  a cute baby boy. 🙂

You can take sometime out to view my media kit.

media kit for Stylebeat by zobam-


So, I think that’s all for now…
Let’s get to know each other as we go along . #kisses XO
Yours truly,
Zobam Zobs.

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