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I thought I had malaria so I went to the hospital with my sister and after the test, it was confirmed that I was pregnant.

BABY , NEW BORN, FIRST TRIMESTER , NIGERIAN BLOGGER I was on a drip because I was feeling really weak.  When the doctor told me I was really happy, I couldn’t even explain how happy I was but I had asked the doctor not to tell my sister.WhatsApp Image 2018-06-03 at 3.02.37 PM

but the big mouthed doctor came into the room

This is so I could break the news myself but the big mouthed doctor came into the room where the drip was being administered, saying  that  today she was leaving that her shift has ended for the day and that I should take things easy at this time of my pregnancy …’smh’ that was how my sister got to know.

I really did not appreciate her doing that but all the same, my sister was more surprised than I was.
The first two months were really difficult with the constant vomiting and loss of appetite and I was spitting a lot like every second. In fact, until I put to bed I really hated that part the most, then I couldn’t wear trousers be it jeans or tights it will scratch the life out of me.

really difficult with the constant vomiting and loss of appetite

So I basically only wore gowns, but asides from all this after that two months I was good in fact I was doing my cooking until the day I went to deliver my baby, I could still wear my heels through my mother and mother in law kept telling me to stop wearing heels 🙂 but I felt normal and strong in general, I was equally sweating a lot on my head so I couldn’t really make my hair all the time because within a week it will start smelling awful.
I never did a gender scan during my pregnancy as agreed between my husband and me, so we just bought unisex clothes and neutral colours in other things like stroller, walker etc, and we did some combination of pink and blue because we wanted the gender of the baby to be a surprise although according to my husband I was pregnant with twin boys lol.
I carried my baby for extra two weeks before she decided to grace us with her presence.


This was written by Mrs Chidinma and pictures were also provided by her.

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