This story touched me, I loved it because it takes a strong woman to pull through a pregnancy that comes with a baggage. I believe that every mother wants the best for her baby and the stress they pass through to make sure baby is alright. Kindly meet Super-Mom of two Mrs Jenifer Chizoba Okoroafor as she narrates her first pregnancy story …


Hmmmmm! my story, how do I begin its quite a journey I cannot forget, months before my wedding I had this pain in my stomach so I went to visit a doctor there I was asked to run a scan and the results came out as a fibroid. I became a bit apprehensive. Very close to my big day I did another scan and it was still there my husband tried to calm my fears but I saw it in his face that he too wasn’t taking the news okay…

But then one fateful day I woke up feeling nausea sick I thought to myself the sickness has started to manifest after a few days I went to the hospital they ran some tests and boom I was pregnant with a bit of malaria. I was overwhelmed and called my husband, they started to treat malaria which had to be mild because I was just in my 1st trimester. 

After taking the drugs it didn’t work I was still sick at some point it started to haunt me that it was the fibroid making me sick and the doctors were hiding it from me so I don’t get paranoid. I was given another malaria drug and the next day I went to use the convenience and there was blood, my husband rushed me to the hospital I was given a drug for threatened abortion then asked to do a scan.

… I went to use the convenience and there was blood, my husband rushed me to the hospital…

My 1st scan: going to see my baby I had mixed feelings, I wanted this baby so much and yet I didn’t want any harm that may have been caused from the drugs which led to the bleeding. For 9months I prayed he didn’t lose an arm or finger or any damage from the incident.

Cravings: My cravings were Epic WOW!!! I hated home meals and loved MAMA PUT! I looked for Bukas to go eat at not fancy restaurants amala and ewedu was my favourite, firewood rice, suya with lots of pepper, garden eggs, I looked forward to antenatal.  I always bought something for baby from the women who brought clothing and maternity needs. By doing this I never went to the market to shop for the baby I had a big box of baby clothing and item.

Mummy slayed!

I used to tell my husband I want to go and see the baby. I visited him almost on a monthly basis by going for a scan, I even named him in my womb my Koby I would sing to him, have conversations like telling him that I wished to have a good night rest he should turn when I turn, how my day went and he would kick or move around when we talked. I slept a lot during the day because at night it was hard to get a full good night rest. I forgot to add the wardrobe malfunction was out of this world am double my size my tummy is so big that people expect twins even triplets.

Finally, the D-day came I carried Koby full term 40weeks my birthday is on the 24th of March and he is 17th march just a week apart, I had always wished for him to come on my birthday but as God would have it, I welcomed my prince charming Kaobimtochukwu (let my heart praise God) Patrick Okoroafor.

The ordeal wasn’t splendid per say I started having labour pains (Braxton hick’s contraction) since my 8th month, I saw show,  that is blood and mucus most women show is usually their water breaking since that show I would have false labour pains which were as painful as the real contractions.  I started having constant back pains the doctors recommended paracetamol for a bit of relief.

So on the 17th when the real deal came, I was in labour since 11am till about 7pm when Koby went into distress I was having severe contractions yet I didn’t dilate even 1Cm he was getting anxious to come out and my cervix wasn’t cooperating they had to put oxygen on my for the baby to get enough air his heartbeat was going up fast the doctor had started preparing for an emergency caesarean section to bring baby out immediately.

I was wheeled in with a lot of panic in my heart and the contractions kept coming. The epidural was given yet it didn’t work I still felt the cut of the knife so I was knocked off after few minutes I heard the nurse saying to me what sex is your baby and am like he is a boy but why does he have a big head. I think it was the malaria drug I took that damaged his head not knowing it was the effect of being knocked out. I was so eager to stand up but I couldn’t the pain from the surgery was too much.

A few hours later I carried my Koby in my hands my birthday gift in 2014 from God. He was so adorable and he still is. Breastfeeding and staying awake at night was a lot of work but he is my blessing I had to push myself extra harder to satisfy my baby. Did I forget to mention subsequent scans have never shown me any fibroid?

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