Am still on the celebration more juicy pregnancy stories from real women and real friends. No matter what you do or say I still stand by the fact that no two pregnancies are the same. That being said I am celebrating Mrs Ukaoha Linda Ogochineke. 

first pregnancy story

Mind you we have booked her baby already, YES! she is our wife to be… LOL

Read more and find out how our princess arrived in style!


I didn’t know how to feel when I saw the result of the lab test. I felt joy, pride, grateful, confused and even scared at the thought of being pregnant. I didn’t know who to call first or how to even say it out, I just couldn’t believe it.

My pregnancy journey was uneventful much to my pleasure. I didn’t have any kind of complications or issues. Everything I had to complain about were all things that accompanied the journey. However, it seemed like I had all the pregnancy-related hormonal changes happening to me all at once.

I had skin discolouration, I had severe acne, I was extremely sweaty, I had backaches and tailbone aches and severe heartburn. I also had pelvic pain amongst other things. My morning sickness was nothing to write home about. Sometimes I would throw up so bad it would feel like my internal organs were being wrenched out from inside of me.

I was constantly tired and worse of all; I was terribly swollen and ugly.

first pregnancy story
Whose ugly? Mama, you slayed!

When I found out I was pregnant I had intended to wait for a few days to plan the best way to reveal it to my husband but then I couldn’t survive the night so 5 minutes after he walked into the house I handed him the lab result and he was even more elated than I was. We then started to debate on whom to tell and who not to tell and how long we have to wait before we told anyone. Somehow my husband was too excited to hold it in and the next thing I knew my in-laws were all excited too and my husband ’s colleagues and literally anyone who cared to know. I can’t even begin to explain how shocked I was, Lol.

Within the first few weeks, I tried desperately to hide my pregnancy and we read everything we could find. Google became my best friend as I would even search for things like ‘why am I always hungry in the morning’

I knew that it won’t be long before my body started to change so I started to take precautionary measures like creating a new skin care routine to avoid acne and discolouration and then massaging my body with aloe vera and essential oils to prevent stretch marks.

In the first month, I didn’t feel much since by the time I found out I was expecting I was already about 4 weeks gone.

In the 2nd month, I began to get serious pregnancy symptoms. I would be tired from not doing much. I would throw up so much my eyes would tear up like I had been sobbing. I began to have heartburn.

My husband’s patience was tested so many times I just laugh when I remember. I can’t count the number of things he had to buy in packs only to have just one consumed out of the whole pack.

To my surprise, he was very helpful and sensitive and generally an excellent caregiver most of the time. He would stay with me while I puked my soul away and on the days my morning sickness was on another level he would come home to check up on me. He would buy anything I asked for so long as I said it would make me feel better. He would clean the entire house on the weekends and even offer to cook and on the weekdays when I couldn’t find the strength to cook, he would eat whatever he found or if he wasn’t too tired from work, he would cook for the both of us.

For some unknown reason, I was very shy about my pregnancy and tried very hard to hide it. Oh, how desperately hard I tried to hide my pregnancy. I would not even walk down the street but it didn’t take long for everyone else to notice since my baby was big and so was my bump.

Having had a stress free and drama free pregnancy, one would expect otherwise but towards the end of my pregnancy, I became emotionally down. By this time I was already at my parents awaiting delivery. I would wake up at night crying, some nights I won’t sleep at all. Some days I would be so moody you would wonder who offended me. I was exhausted and wanted to have my baby. I was tired of sleeping only on my sides, of struggling to get in and out of bed, struggling to get in and out of anything, struggling to find clothes that fit and just struggling with anything at all.  I was just really tired and then came pressure from people who would call you every single day just to ask if you’ve put to bed and people that would ask how come you are still pregnant and the ones that would wonder how come you haven’t had your baby but the other lady has had hers. At this point, I didn’t want any contact with humans. My husband didn’t understand why I was dodging people so much even family members. I even turned down visitors. I literally would not take phone calls because I didn’t want to have to explain why I was still pregnant, you would be shocked at the things people ask people.

I told my husband society will pressurize you to get married, still pressurize you to get pregnant and when you are finally pregnant they will still pressurize you to have the baby.

At my 38th week appointment, the doctor told me my baby was a bit big but it wasn’t going to be a problem. I was told to take long walks, drink hot stuff and bath hot water. These, they said will make my baby come in time.

At 39 weeks I still hadn’t had any contractions. The doctor kept commenting on how my belly was filled with nothing but my baby. I would always go for my appointments hoping the doctor would say ‘go home and bring your bag’

That didn’t happen; instead at my 40 weeks appointment, the doctor said I had to choose between being induced or being sectioned. I didn’t really care which one it was so long as I had a healthy baby so I asked the doctor to recommend which was the better option for my situation.

Finally, I followed the doctor’s recommendation and I’m delighted to say I got my wish “a healthy baby”.


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