It was my son’s birthday yesterday and I thought how best to celebrate this on my blog. So, I asked some friends of mine to share their first pregnancy experience. I know they are not the first to be pregnant but I believe that no pregnancy story can ever be the same with another.



It is a personal journey and a story that only the expectant mother can tell it. Mind you some of these moms have baby number two now … How awesome is that! am so excited.


So, with no further ado… let’s meet Adaora Dennar and her wonderful baby.

  First of all, I thank God for answered prayers and giving me this opportunity to be a mother. Yes, I waited for close to 5 years with lots of drugs and herbs, finally, God showed up when I least expected.

My pregnancy journey was a kind of smooth. I  didn’t know I was pregnant until I started having waist cramps and couldn’t go past 7am without having breakfast, always weak and also once its 1pm I must doze off no matter where I am,then there was this Fever that came up in the evening, I knew something was wrong and I needed to treat it fast. So I went for an over the counter drugs and pregnancy test strip, of course, I always do that then since I was a TTC (Trying to conceive)Mom. The result was unbelievable, that day my hubby got one full croaker barbecued fish💃💃💃💃.
Also my first scan  I had butterflies in my tummy, you could even see it through the screen, lol.
In my first trimester, I didn’t really crave for any particular meal but every meal I made tasted bland, all I wanted was any food from mama put(food vendors).
My 2nd trimester, I ate Abacha almost everyday, I had close to 5 cell phone numbers of those that I bought Abacha/ tapioca from, also I had lots of Udara/agbalumo/cherry. And before my 3rd.trimester the sight of Abacha would make me want to puke. By my third trimester, it was Shawarma with lots of Pepper, It was so funny that I had to enter the kiosk of the chef to add Pepper myself, also I craved for Yoghurt the frozen ones.
The sleepless nights were something else, at night my room felt like a dungeon, my bed felt like bread and my back would ache so badly, my feet were so swollen that I would have to place them on a pillow to sleep. turning and getting up from the bed by 3rd trimester was a nightmare, hubby had to do the work of getting me out of bed so I can go ease my self, please “he deserves some accolades”

The wardrobe malfunction

My wardrobe changed drastically until now I have not been able to wear 70% of the clothes and shoes I had before pregnancy and its been close to 3 years now, “May God help me” Amen.
My due date passed and I was given a date to come to the hospital to be induced by 9pm, my water broke by 1am and I dilated to 10cm within 2hrs, tried pushing for like 4-5 hours no way all I did was poop all over the bed, Hahaha. I was booked for Cesarean section and my baby came forth by 8am the next morning.
And it’s a boy yaaaaaay… To God be the glory.
Wow! this is one lovely story, I hope you enjoyed it! I have a few more coming up soon so kindly subscribe, like and share.
I have something coming up soon so stick around!
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