I was pretty excited when I saw the graphics for the lipsticks and cocktail with Kayge cosmetics… Hmmm! I wasn’t going to miss it for the world. So come along and watch me go from zero to a hundred for this event.

port harcourt events kayge cosmetics cocktails

It was about 12 noon, I had already put my son to bed and then it was time for me to get ready for the event. Best believe I took my time to pamper myself because I needed to be relaxed for the event. I started with some scrubs and body polish from thebodyshopnig,

then it was time to pick out an outfit I was confused between an LBD and jumpsuit in black as well. I had to consider my plus on to this event so I went with the jumpsuit so I wouldn’t have to struggle with sitting properly while chasing him around. So I went for the jumpsuit, I had to find a belt for it. I was not having it at all, I accidentally came across my satin robe that had a long black belt, I simply took it and added it to my outfit. The difference in texture created the perfect contrast without adding more colour and for shoes, I went for flats since I was going with my son.

Fast forward, it was makeup time! I went for a simple Smokey eye and a classic ruby woo red lip. And off we went to the event. The Kayge cosmetics studio is located at No.21 Ohaeto street, d-line, Port Harcourt. According to their website kayge cosmetics is “ founder’s dream of creating a colourful line of lip products with skincare benefits that while creating gorgeous looks, would also promote healthy skin” READ MORE

port harcourt events kayge cosmetics cocktails

I was fashionably late. Laughs* Of course I had to dress my plus one, pack my bag before we left the house. On getting there, I entered the studio…

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It was packed with fabulous people, cocktails by @MIXERSNSHAKERS were flowing, cupcakes everywhere moist and yummy, and small chops or rather meatballs by @BUNSANDBATTER kept rolling in.

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I would say the refreshments were well thought out and on point. The receptionist was very warm while she handed me an info card about the new product line that was being launched. She then asked me to go over to a counter and write my wish for the brand which I did.

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I finally go to meet the owner/founder of the kayge cosmetics brand Kalanne Ebiye-Koripamo or Kay as she is fondly called. Kay has an Economics BSc, MBA and she also went to the London School of Beauty and makeup. One would say she is in her element.  She was dress in a figure-hugging Black dress trimmed with feathers made by Akpos Okudu. My son and I fell in love with this dress, and then we proceeded to the green carpet to take some pictures.

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After a series of pictures, I ordered my first cocktail and many more afterwards; it was time to network, cupcakes came along, meatballs and of course good music too. I met some Port Harcourt bloggers like Pere of Beauty in Port Harcourt, Gift of, Wendy of, Precious of That stylish medic and other fabulous people. I also met Teinye Boyle of; it was such a pleasure to see him after such a long time.

Thereafter, I was offered the Glossary lip gloss at a discounted price 2500 NGN ( original price NGN 3000) by one of the Kayge cosmetics beauty reps/ staff, but I was expecting a show and tell or even asked to come and test the products on display because that was why we were there.

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Maybe it was because of limited space I really can’t tell. I expected a swatch session too so one could have an opportunity to fall in love with the brand or product as the case may be. I thought I would see testers, at least if you cannot afford to purchase the product you could at least have a feel of what it is like on your lips or skin. Product samples would have been a hit at this event especially for the blogger who is interested in reviewing products and spreading the word about this brand.

In all, I had fun with my dear son (slay boy as he was called at the event).

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I forgot to mention that this event was one of the pre-events lined up to introduce the international style festival event in July in Port Harcourt. I completely missed the first event; you can CLICK HERE to read about the first event. Make sure to stay tuned, subscribe, share and leave a comment too.

Have you used Kayge cosmetics before? Let me know in the comments section.

Would you like a review of the new lip gloss product? I would also like to know in the comments section.

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