International Women’s Day – On becoming

International Women’s Day

On becoming a woman… This post was not premeditated but the international women’s day celebration managed to spike up some emotions that made me open my laptop to write.


I thought of my journey on becoming the woman I am today, trust me it’s not all rosy and I am still evolving and discovering myself on a daily basis. I may come off as cliche in this post but hey! it’s my journey, it goes thus…


On becoming a woman, I  have learnt to look beyond myself, be nice to others, and maybe sometimes displease myself to please others. But, that is if I think it is necessary. I have learnt that it is not all about me all the time. That doesn’t make me a lesser woman or self-esteem issues woman. I have also learnt to be less sentimental and more objective. Yeah! I am very sensitive and emotional but that has seemed to change lately.

On becoming a woman, I have tried to accept myself, my body; I am still getting used to it though. But on the other hand, the society has its own template of a perfect body or a perfect woman. She has to be skinny, a fashion slayer, a good rack on her chest, perfect straight legs, flat tummy and the list goes on!

Oh! Waw! that’s overwhelming though. Not for me because I am nothing close to skinny, my boobs are responding to gravity, I have knock-knees and my tummy isn’t near flat. That notwithstanding, I keep trying to find that space that suits me.

On becoming a woman, I have learnt to carry myself in a certain way and no it’s not pride.  It’s more of confidence and composure. You may not understand this; A tomboy turned into a woman?  Now, that’s some process right here, from sagging shorts, trousers and polos to high waist trousers, skirts and stilettoes even body shapers to help the ministry.

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photo by Promise Charles

On becoming a woman, I have realized that it’s more about the quality of your brain cells than it is about showing cleavage and twerking( by the way I cannot twerk to save my life). Seeking knowledge and digesting it into your system isn’t that easy. Laziness most times has the best of me but, I try my best to learn at any given opportunity.


On becoming a woman, I see my Mom as a superhero, a super-mom. I still wonder how she held it all in place and still slayed. A wife, Bsc, Msc, three children and a husband, caregiver, chef, housekeeper, grocery shopper, tailor, baker, lecturer, I celebrate you, mom.

On becoming a woman, it’s totally alright to feel sexy, its okay to wear the hottest lingerie with your favourite perfume and do the do. It’s alright to not be in the mood and say No, just relax and chill for as long as you want while you sip on something nice. It’s still alright to keep yourself until marriage.

international womens day , nigerian blogger

It’s okay to unfollow trends, to go against it, to tap into a trend, to be the trendsetter. Just do you and always take a look around before you take that action. Sometimes, place yourself in that situation before you judge or take actions.

I have also learnt that it is okay to take care of the house and also make millions or build an empire. You are unstoppable!

I have realized even more that I am able to share in this post today.

Happy International Women’s Day

Keep being you, you are super special! if you know, you know… celebrate by sharing this post with at least 3 women today, also like this post and share your own journey with me in the comments section below.

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5 thoughts on “International Women’s Day – On becoming

  1. The journey to becoming isn’t an easy one. From being a naive and innocent teenager to being a wife and now a new mom. It’s though but not impossible to be the woman I want to be. I’m evolving, I’m growing and I’m getting better. Well done Zobam, you’re doing just fine. I’ll learn to keep being me. Always!!


  2. I so much like this post. It’s not easy being a woman. There’s a lot of do this, don’t do this, just be this and it’s so frustrating. It all boils down to knowing who you are and your mindset. As women, we shouldn’t disqualify ourselves due to pressure or how people perceive us. If you want it, go for it.

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