The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On NATURAL 3D BROWS


I know the makeup and slay game keeps changing. Haven’t you noticed?

well, that’s constantly the order of the day on Instagram.  The daily dose of Slay Queens, Slay mamas, sharp wing liners looking for who to pierce *laughs. Its very certain that a lot has changed; from screaming concealers highlighting the brow bone, to halo brows to overly dense brows to unibrows to maleficent brows to snake brows… Ah! my head hurts.

The list is endless and I am honestly tired of mentioning these classes of brows *wipes drops of sweat off my forehead.  This post is not a rank in any way rather its a detailed insight on how to achieve natural looking 3D brows. Instabaddie and Slay queen brows if I may add…


First, let’s start with the basics. It all starts with brow grooming; I am a firm believer in maintaining one’s brow structure unless your brows don’t have a good arch to give your face an illusion of a facelift.

Then, you can create an arch the would work for your face, keeping in mind that it is not a licence to go crazy with your brows. Don’t overwhelm your face with brows. Enough said …

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On NATURAL BROWS
Before grooming

For my brows,  I take off a little brow hair under it to reveal some of the brow bone and make my brow arch more pronounced. I go ahead to trim the length of my brow hair with a small brow grooming scissors. So people know how to thread their brows, som know how to tweeze but I stay away from both because I end up having bumps if I pull my hair in any way. Hence, I stick with using blades to shave my brows.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On NATURAL BROWS

A mascara wand that’s the centre stage now, I use it to brush my brows upwards and I trim with scissors. then downwards and trim. while you brush you would notice some overly long strands of hair, this is what you trim to give your brows a more tapered look. Be careful not to mess up the structure of your brows while doing this.


Now we have properly groomed brows, with a brow pencil that is a tad bit lighter than my brow hair, I carefully fill in my brows with short hairlike strokes. The underlined words are the watch-words here.

That’s the trick to getting that 3D effect

Let me break it down for you as a fine artist. When you create a slightly lighter background behind a darker brow hair, it automatically has the perfect backdrop for the brows to become prominent as opposed to using a brow pencil/powder/gel that is the same colour or darker than your brow hair. Everything becomes one shade hence the dense brows.




After the brow pencil application, carefully blend it to get a seamless look with a mascara wand. Then go easy on the highlighting. Most times, I use a concealer that is the same colour with my skin to clean up my brows.

Sometimes, I add just a dab of a lighter concealer for a brighter look.

Here is a comparison between a dense brow( on the right) highlighted with a lighter concealer and the 3d brows (on the left) if you look closely you would notice that my brow hairs are still visible.

Which do you prefer?

Dense or 3D?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you like such tutorials in the comments section below. And I would like you to try this out and tag me on Instagram.

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