This is always my situation when it comes to buying a gift, especially for my husband. I know its weird right? Well, we don’t really know how to surprise each other that much. We end up asking each other what we want or like so we don’t end up buying what we will not use.

gift for men

This might not be romantic but to me, there is more value when you get a gift you absolutely wanted. Fast-forward to my husbands birthday last year …

I was clueless like I already said and I needed to make him feel loved and special. So these are some tips that helped me decide on what to get him for his birthday.


    I had to call my brother in law to brainstorm ideas. We came up with some options like perfumes, wrist watches, beard grooming kit, shirts and the list was endless. But I know my husband is not a grooming kit guy, he has tones of shirts, an array of perfumes etc. You can call your boo’s close friends or brothers too.


You can have access to tons of options even DIYs ideas that you could make use of. Speaking of DIYs, here is a quick one just in case you lock yourself out of your home on Val’s day.


Always pay attention to what he says, his fantasies especially with the techy ones. But that’s if you can afford the gadgets they like. It could still be anything just find out what your hubby likes.

I think these above tips will help you. So about the gift I finally bought 🙂

I noticed homeboy needed Sandals for his traditional wears, the next thing was to find where to buy it in such a short period of time and have it delivered quickly.

I wasn’t going to shop outside Port Harcourt so my options were limited and I needed a cost-effective gift for daddy.

Let’s get do some unboxing *rubbing my palms together

I placed an order with @thehookupnig and it was delivered the same day in Port Harcourt. It is a one-stop online shop for majorly Men’s fashion. They also deliver Nationwide so you should totally check them out.

The gift was delivered to me in a waterproof bag by a delivery man who was quite soft-spoken and polite. I carefully unwrapped the package and this black box was there 🙂


gift ideas for men fathers daddy

Opening the box, I saw a shoe dust bag in black and a wrapping paper with zig-zag designs…

gift ideas for men

The brand name ZIGN was printed on the black shoe box, on the dust bag, and on the sandal insole too. The sandals are criss-cross strappy leather sandals.

gift ideas for men

I was quite impressed with the quality of this sandals, it looked fragile but it was sturdy and strong. My husband wears a size 46, that’s a big size that comes by once in a while. Anyway, I am really glad I got it before it was sold out.

I like that it had a foamy sole between the insole and the outer sole, this serves as a cushion and shock absorber. The insole had the texture of a slight rough leather material.

gift ideas for men
Frontal view
gift ideas for men
Back View
gift ideas for men
Side view

The only questionable part for me was the sole which is made of rubber, but as you can see it has no impression of grip.  My husband hasn’t complained of slipping at all. This is because of the type of rubber, it is not slippery, its smooth enough to create friction.

gift ideas for menP1040337

I hope I have helped someone today?

Let me know what you can gift someone for his birthday in the comments section below.


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