January has finally come to an end …whew! I must say this has been the longest month ever! Or am I getting it all wrong? For some the year just started, January was a test-run. If you fall into such category, permit me to officially welcome you t 2018 and say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I don’t think January was a test-run for me, why? It took me on a roller coaster ride which I’m yet to recover from. I got back to my base on the 2nd of January and since that day I have been from pillar to post. Settling down, going back to the normal routine, staying in focus with my blogging and all the goals I set for myself … I must say its quite overwhelming. I am still surprised I haven’t broken down yet.

Thank you, Jesus, for health of mind and body!

january recap


Have you been sticking to your new year resolutions? Have you for you forgotten all the things you resolved to do? LOL well, I told you I don’t have New Year resolutions this year. Rather I have some set goals that I hope to achieve gradually.

Well, I like to believe I am on course while some think I am losing focus but that’s by the way …

So what has been up with me? I set a goal to be more consistent on my blog but life happens.

Let’s talk…


january recap lifestyle

I really need to learn stress management techniques. Gosh! I find it so hard to shut down my brain so I can sleep or get some rest especially when my creative juices kick in. I can stay up all day scribbling, plotting and writing.

Healthwise, I can’t even explain how I am feeling but my boys broke down with malaria and cough. It was not a funny experience. The fever, cold compress, meds, cooking and taking care of them practically drained me out. With all these happening I have to prep for exams, blog, and design and edit my online magazine.

I feel like screaming right now!!! Hmmm!

God is my Muscle. Please don’t mind me I just need to vent a little.


january recap minimalist

I am constantly drawn to simple designs and interior but I haven’t been able to get my wardrobe to a minimalistic state. That notwithstanding, I noticed I could be a minimalist soul. My approach to life situations has been a simple one and I think that is why I haven’t gone crazy yet. LOL

pom pom minimalist january recap

One simple step at a time that is all it takes. I cannot do so much at the same time, even with my multitasking abilities, I found out that sometimes I overlook details which I am about. So what’s the essence?


january recap savings issues

Ah! God!  Nigerian Banking system is so lousy! I cannot believe that I still don’t have an account since December 2017. Just because I want to change my account name to match my new surname. Now, what is causing the wahala is that I didn’t add all those names that our grandparents give us but they have been scanning my passport since with all those names and they never complained about it for once. Now, I have to go and swear an affidavit that I am me, with the Four names I have, which they didn’t include in their system but have a copy of my passport that bears these for names.

Gosh! What is going on here?

january recap

This has affected my plans to beef up my savings and time is money … you know? So I don’t like that I haven’t been able to do much of the savings I planned to do. I read somewhere about piggybank.ng

Have you used it before? Kindly drop a comment on how it worked for you.

Fortunately for me, my cousin came along and advised me to join an ISUSU group (monthly contribution group) which I am glad I joined.


january recap

I have been carefully studying pictures, graphics, and styles too. And gradually I am getting a grasp of what I want my Instagram feed to look like instead of following another person’s style.  I also got tired of using 2-3 apps just to edit one picture, someone like me that owns 3 accounts on Instagram, I cannot keep up with that kind of lifestyle. And in turn, makes me lazy about posting pictures.

If you are not careful you with the feed aesthetics, it will crop your creative ability on Instagram because you are constantly over-thinking the pictures you want to post. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to think of your next picture with regards to the general feel of your Instagram profile but I stopped over thinking it and it came naturally. I LOVE IT!!!

I will show you what I mean with a few screenshots of what my feed has looked like in the past few months.


From the left are my current feed and subsequent styles that I tried that I didn’t like. Might end up deleting some things to clear up my feed a little.

Do you want me to show you how I edit my Instagram pictures on Instagram ( LAZY INSTABLOGGER MANUAL)? And apps that I use if there is a need for something extra?

The feed aesthetics on Instagram can be really exhausting and I became frustrated with but lately, I found my balance and I am happy with my feed so far.

My blog too has experienced some new graphics since I started working with Canva.com. I am gradually figuring my way around it. If you need help creating photos for your blog posts send an email to stylebeatbyzobam@gmail.com  then we can discuss more.


january recap
Which cut do you prefer?

OH YEH! I made a blonde wig sometime last year but I didn’t like the outcome. Fast-forward to last week I finally remade the wig and I hit jackpot. I am officially a Blondie for now until I find something else that appeals to me.  I know I didn’t mention this in the trends am trying this 2018 but hey it’s a different hair colour for me, pink will be next.

What do you think? I just wanted to live my comfort zone. I am getting bored; I hope you can understand my plight. I have tried Burgundy a long time ago and I cut my hair too before I changed the colour of my hair.

Would you mind a Get ready with me post? I have never done such a post, but I will be willing to try if you would love to see such… I will give you transformer vibes with the Blonde wig 🙂

I hope January has been a blast for you so far? Let me in on your thoughts or give me a slight recap of your own January in the comments section.

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