The struggle to buy things for my son gets real every day. Not that I don’t know what to buy but sometimes where to shop is my problem because I haven’t had the chance to get to know Port Harcourt that much.

children's fashion flip flops

So, My homegirl came home with goodies from Everyday Emporium 2 at GRA opposite Skippers and the prices on the things she got blew my mind instantly. Like! OMG, how can this happen? It was crazy!  you know I had to go check it out.

The next day, I dropped off my kid at school and we dashed off to the store. and We came back with so many goodies.

Lets me know if you want a haul on some things I got for myself and a sneak peek at what they have in there. And some tips on how to shop there. 😉

children's fashion flip flops

So, one of the things I got for my Son was a black flip-flop that cost 350.00NGN. That’s an awesome deal for a simple and soft flip-flop. I quickly grabbed it for him. But there was a problem. My son was not used to wearing something without a strap behind, so the flipflops kept falling off.

Immediately, I put on my Mommy magic cape and went into revamp mode!

Here are some materials you will be needing for this  DIY.

  • Elastic Bands: this could be reclaimed elastic bands from worn-out clothes of you can buy Half a yard. But only need the length as shown in the image below.


  • Scissors for cutting and thread for Sewing.3

  • Hand sewing needles for stitching the elastic.4

  • And of course Flipflops.5



First, carefully thread your needle to a length that you can control without tangling the thread. Then measure out the elastic bands that you want to use. PS: this could be any color. The color I used was what I had at home and I was not willing to spend more just to solve the problem.

children's fashion flip flops
Now, its time to attach the elastic band that you measured and cut previously to the heel strap of the Flip-flops. carefully place the elastic from the outside as shown in the picture above…



children's fashion flip flops
Then turn it inwards to wrap the strap of the flip-flops…



children's fashion flip flops
Hold the elastic as shown above and hold in place… then use your already threaded hand sewing needle to secure it properly with a loop stitch or running stitch.




Repeat on the other strap …


Here is the end result. 🙂


What do you think about the heel strap flip flop DIY?

You can customize it to your taste, you can add bows, rhinestones,  glitter etc.

Would you like to see more DIY posts? drop a comment below.

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