This is officially my first post this year and I already have a lot going like my new year clean out , trying to make space for my boy, researching and lots more.

fashion trends in 2018

I am naturally an introvert but for some reason am exploiting the extrovert side of me and I think it’s good so far. I will  keep digging deep for sure.9

Being an introvert comes with its own downside, I am scared to try new things most times. I just stick with what I know and to be frank that doesn’t sound so interesting for someone that loves fashion and lifestyle in general. With blogging you already know what I would be doing if not CHECK OUT MY BUCKET LIST .

Starting my year without resolutions have been so liberating … you wouldn’t understand though but I feel kinda different and supercharged.

Do you have resolutions set for yourself this year? or do you have goals or nothing even? Share with me in the comments section below.


Let me just share a few trends and habits and definitely trying out this year .

fashion trends in 2018


Yea! what’s the big deal with coloured hair? The big deal is that it scares me and sometimes I am not comfortable with it but guess what I have already started positioning my mind towards that. I already have a blonde wig I made but i think I need to change something about it. Asides blonde , I will definitely try pinks and may be purples too Hubby likes Pink though 😉 

fashion trends in 2018


I have longed to get me some mesh socks. I love the way they look and the fact that they are airy too. Will definitely be doing this trend and the funny thing is that I already have it styled in my head. LOL

fashion trends in 2018


So I was scrolling on the gram today and I stumbled on my fave designer OG of Style Temple. Ah! She does it for me all the time; simple , comfy and stylish too. Her Kimono was looking so exquisite and simple, then I said to myself this is worth trying.  I basically over grew most of my trendy pieces so this will be an all-rounder no matter my size. 🙂

Would you like me to do a post on Nigerian Designers that are worth following ? Let me know in the comments section below.

fashion trends in 2018


The world of books and self-development has been on my mind for a while now and trust I have been downloading some free eBooks in that regard so I can build myself up much more than I have. Writing too would be on this list maybe for some journals or publications, blogs other than mine. This would take a whole lot from me but… nothing good ever comes easy.

fashion trends in 2018
image from


I think I am a mix of androgynous when it comes to fashion and a little girly sexiness…  that’s quite a lot for me to handle. LOL but what can a girl do? I am allowed to be anything I want while setting a good example.

fashion trends in 2018
image from

I am that girl that would pack my hair in two buns, wear a see-through top , stilettos  and some baggy jeans. Does that make sense ? Anyways moving on … you can see that I am so mixed up that sometimes i cannot even figure myself out style-wise.

fashion trends in 2018


Oh! Oh!! my first love! I missed you so much. Sewing is one thing I do and I forget global warming , buhari , recession, even food. So you see how much I love to sew but somehow life has taken a toll on me and I dropped my measuring tape. I will definitely be doing that again this year.

What skills would you be picking up this year? I hope you remember this is a year of doing more? So let’s talk in the comments section below.

women fashion trends in 2018


The power of a praying woman cannot be underestimated. My mom’s prayers got me this far … I am a mom now and I now have a clear picture why a woman on her knees is all a family needs and the rest will be added on to them. I wouldn’t say I haven’t been praying but there is always room for improvement to pray without seizing. I would also get closer to my sacraments.

So that is what I would be doing. MORE PRAYERS FOR MY FAMILY, MYSELF AND LOVED ONES. Who would you be praying for ? How close have you been to God lately?

I would definitely be updating this list from time to time… Lest I forget, Have subscribed to my blog yet? You should so you don’t miss out on anything and freebies too.

Thank you so much for reading , liking, commenting  and subscribing.

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17 thoughts on “TRENDS AND HABITS AM TRYING IN 2018

  1. Okay. First thing zobam. I love this new look of your blog. It’s got me drooling. Next thing this new writing style. I’m all for it! Finally.. Yes to all the trends but see through. See through is not really my thing.. But we’ll be rocking colored hair together. I plan on dying my natural hair.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Coloured hair: Maybe
    See-through tops: nah
    Kimonos: Yeah!!
    Sewing: This was on my to do list last year but I never got to do it. It’s still on my list though.
    Praying: My first love.. gradually getting back to that place.

    Your blog is nice.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve been enjoying the colored hair trend since the beginning of this year. Had a big chop and cleaned my hair into a boy-ish lowcut. Colored it red thereafter. Lol

    I go crazy for kimono jackets and see through blouses too! And yes, do
    Posts on Nigerian Designers biko!

    Idle head

    Liked by 1 person

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