2017 leftovers

new year resolutions

I just got back from an old friend’s wedding  on the 29th and I was happy to see some other friends who were my classmates in secondary school. So much growth and maturity in the air and I am thankful to God for that.

Hmmm… the highlight of my day was that I had plans to skillfully drop my son for his Grandma as usual but today my plans backfired. Before I could say Jack my mum was in front of my dad’s car heading to the village for an event. I couldn’t shout.  My son did the most,  danced, poured food on the floor and rolled in the dust too, before nature called him for a nap. THANK GOD!!!

Its happy new year in few hours …. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Errrm. Aha ! I was going to write about things am leaving behind in 2017

new year resolutions


I cannot even explain this to anyone. I would kindly say I learnt my lesson. It is official now PS: I am broke. I don’t even own an active account as we speak. I was frustrated by one bank and I just closed the account and went home with the leftover pennies in that account.

new year resolutions


YEP! Sometimes I could be lazy in my mind and at the end of the day I see that I didn’t achieve much. I think this started since I ignored my “to do list” pattern. I am going to start again and definitely I will include early to bed and early to rise. So I can make use of my days properly


As much as I want to keep tabs with all my friends sometimes I don’t even have enough time or energy to even do that. That I am married doesn’t mean you cannot check on your home girl nah … eh? Please say hi, chat me up I will always respond.


If you are my friend, a true friend and you don’t support my business or even share my posts or you want freebies always then we are not friends.

Just stay back in 2017 while I keep it moving into 2018. True friends support each other, share and preach about their services, advice too to help them grow.

If you own a brand let’s work together. if you wish to build one we can work together too. i can render services to your company too. If you have a contract just holla I am available. You need a website or website hosting ? I am your girl 🙂


I wasn’t raised to rely on someone at all times so I don’t even know why I am mentioning this. But this doesn’t mean if you can help me when am in a fix I wouldn’t ask. I will ask shamelessly and if I can help best believe I would.

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If you know that you don’t want to progress or even upgrade your level of knowledge not necessary going to school but getting enlightened that I could learn from you or you could even mentor me. Please stay back in 2017. I hope to develop myself mentally, socially and intellectually this coming year eg. Read more books, write more, improve my vocabulary, save better and start up a business from my home. So if you are not in tune just don’t say hi in 2018.

I basically don’t have energy to fight , its my default setting. Let us make peace and conquer the world together.


I am most times shy to say I am a blogger. I drop my shyness for 2017 Abeg! I am a blogger and i am in the works to develop myself much more as the day goes by. 😉

I think these are a few things I can think of right now. I hope I didn’t come off hostile or offend anyone. I just needed to say it the way it is in my heart. And yea! If in any way I have offended you this 2017, To err is Human and to forgive is divine. Thank you … you are the realest MVP  !!!

I would also like to know what you are dropping for 2017 as souvenir  🙂

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7 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 !

  1. Wow!! Nice decisions… am dropping low self improvement and relying on others.. I thought i was doing my best.. With my achievement so far.. I need to work on myself.. Thanks … U just reminded what almost forgot…
    .promise to be committed to sharing your posts this yr..☺☺☺☺ love what you do

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