I have been looking for creative ways to abandon my son for my mum and dad to take care of him while I get some rest but none of my plots seem to be working. Hmm…

Happy Holidays/Christmas everyone,

I hope you’ve been having a swell time?

resolutions and goals for the new year

Back to the subject matter …

I was tagged by Gift of to do a blog bucket list but before I start boring you with my long list, let me do a little throwback to how it all started.

I was in my 200 level in university when somehow I stumbled on Linda ikeji’s blog.  A friend of mine asked me is that your blog? I wasn’t hesitant at all. I just said NO!!! And I closed my rickety laptop.  Believe me home girl did not know what a blog was or how one could run one. But I fancied the Linda Ikeji blog and stalked it a little and forgot about it.

Fast forward to 2014, I opened a blog on BlogSpot, then I only blogged about beauty, beauty product reviews and healthy eating. I was as consistent as school would let me up until 2015; I stopped blogging because I couldn’t joggle pregnancy, blogging, practical and exams etc.

Post pregnancy (2016) I picked up my blogging pen again. I moved my blog from BlogSpot to WordPress which I was glad I did this is a much user friendly space for me.  This time I was basically faced with being a mum, trying to research on how to blog, breastfeeding, running my home and having enough time to create makeup looks and product reviews.  I started working on my photography skills, lighting and editing.

Mind you, I haven’t even considered myself a blogger at all asides on my Instagram profile. Anyway, I blogged for a while and while my child grew it became much more tedious to keep up with plus I kept procrastinating as well. After much thought I felt stale and stagnant … I needed something new and fresh. I wanted a space where I could talk about anything like I was discussing with my friends. Being just a beauty blogger was quiet restricting for me.

Yea, as a fine artist I think I have much more to offer than just my pretty face and pouting. Don’t get me wrong beauty bloggers are amazing! So in 2017, July 19th I hit publish on my first post on after purchasing just a domain name for 1700 NGN from a site I can’t remember and purchasing a personal plan on WordPress without the knowledge of my IT guru husband. I had my reasons though but I think it would have been a wiser choice to inform him first.

Throughout the month of July I published one post per week on my blog, then after a while I came up with an online magazine STYLEBEAT MAGAZINE NIGERIA. Initially it was supposed to be a monthly art magazine but it evolved quickly into a lifestyle magazine for young, enterprising people in Nigeria. This magazine is aimed at breaking out of the norm, giving creatives the chance to be themselves and write from the heart with little to no influence. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.

Presently, I have fallen off the bandwagon again due to son’s health but I still tried my best to publish my online mag for November CLICK HERE with the help of my amazing crew, I cannot thank them enough.  This December and next year, I really wouldn’t be doing any resolutions because to me it’s quite unnecessary.  I would probably set goals for myself rather than make resolutions.

Oh! Lest I forget, thank you so much to Gift of for this tag. Honestly, it moved me to think about what I really wanted out of blogging. It gave me time to reflect and recollect on why I actually started blogging.

So without much ado … my bucket list goes thus:

monetize your blog


If you are a Nigerian blogger, you know the struggle to get a decent internet service. I have been quite lucky in that department; my awesome husband has taken it upon himself to make sure I have the best at all times. But hey! It’s high time I buckle up and start footing the data bills at least. So I am looking forward to making my first 500,000 NGN from my blog this year. Then work on my pricing list for my ad space on my online magazine blog and website.

collaborations in 2018 new year


My intentions of building a solid creative bloggers network in port Harcourt has been proving tough but in 2018 am going back to the drawing board to make it work. I also hope to work with and meet more blogger friends, have some social gatherings; brunch, picnics and attend more events in Port Harcourt. I denounce being socially awkward. I would also work towards featuring a blogger every month on my blog, oh yes! What’s life? If we cannot appreciate others and their businesses.


I would definitely love to work for and with more brands.


I need to buckle up with contributing to other sites.


I plan to be self-hosted or be hosted by my hubby at least, buy a premium theme of my choice that is if I deem it necessary.  I would also work towards launching a website for my magazine and purchase a domain name for my online magazine blog. Well, on the other hand this is all new to me, I am still learning how to be SEO compliant and all the nitty-gritty of this blogging business. Alice will be in trouble this 2018. I will bug her like crazy.


Who blogs and wouldn’t wish for more following? Certainly not me! I would like to hit 2500 email subscribers and above. On the gram, whew! Inconsistency has been my problem. I wish for 2500 organic followers before the first quarter of 2018 and more… Please follow me 🙂



In my head, I have been considering rebranding my blog to somewhat shorter name but I’m still indecisive and also to detach myself from the magazine. Then hopefully my rebranding might spin into a ready to wear brand with its own e-commerce site.  I low-key have a flare for product development especially when its fashion. It drives me crazy! I would definitely work on that because it seems to be on my mind all the time. We can do some consultations in the future … right? 🙂

how to develop content as a blogger


My bucket list has to include this, I would work on putting out more solid content, fashion look books and try my hands on makeup again. Since I am a lifestyle blogger, I would basically tap into my life deeper than I have, I may be discussing some thought provoking topics as well. I hope you would enjoy it.


Hahaha! I am not one to want awards but if one ends up on my door step… who am I to say no. I would be very happy.

So far, I just noticed that my glass of Amarula just ran out and that I have a super busy year ahead of me. Did I mention that I have been trying to lose some weight? Well that I will tell you more about in 2018.

See you soon and thank you for always clicking on the links I keep bugging you with, commenting, liking, subscribing and those that share with friends …Ah! You are the real MVP! I love you all .


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26 thoughts on “MY BLOGGING BUCKET LIST 2018

  1. Hey Zobam,first time on your blog and I love it. Gave me a lot of motivation I needed to get back to my own blog and you’re a PH sister? We seriously need to link up for that collabo you talked about. Lol. More muscle to your hustle and Happy New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I think I should monitor you o. These are few of my basic blog plans too! I’ve recently just allowed the idea of building my blog into a real brand, and all those stuffs you bloggers care about. Lol

    I enjoyed reading your blogging history. Haha really interesting. I’ve never been a LIB fan, not once or even a glimpse. Saw the blog was majorly entertainment, gist and celebrity I got disinterested quickly. Don’t know if that space has improved.

    Seasons greetings to your baby boys! One better stop getting sick and and other should keep making you a super star! Cheers to 2018 bae.

    Idle head

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautiful post zobam… I loveeee💕 Wow mom duties, wife duties and blogger duties yet your blog is still lit. I wantu be like you when I grow up oh! 🐵😁

    How do I get nominated? I want to post my own bucket list and tag other bloggers😥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your blogging bucket is awsome… One thing that makes me always want to come close. I love many things about you. Especially the spirit of enterenurship. I think what i need from you is coaching …merry Christmas mama Ivan.. Beauty + brain

    Liked by 1 person

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