Everyone is made in a unique way and you should learn to respect that…


Everyone is made in a unique way and you should learn to respect that…

I was home alone and then my phone beeped with a notification from Instagram, saying that Laura Ikeji just posted a picture. Yep! I am a fan; I love her drive and passion for her business. So, back to the gist. I then went over to her profile and saw some lovely pictures of her cat-eye facebeat and cornrows and BAAM! There was an ad post for a certain tea that helps with weight loss. Then there were two contradicting pictures, showing off the suck belle make shirt fine kinda thing … But still why should I judge her?.

I shared these pictures with some friends and they were all about a workout routine, money etc. LOL. Well, I agree but still genes count right?

She has to make some coins, work and take care of her baby. Anyways this actually struck a chord in me. I started thinking about the way a woman’s body goes through series of changes especially during pregnancy. It takes a toll on her body and her mind.


I remember few weeks after I put to bed, I could barely look at myself in the mirror. Meanwhile somewhere in the world a woman who put to bed also has a flat tummy and six packs.

Moving on, there some things that one can do if they are disposed and encouraged by their spouse or even friends that could help them work towards gaining back their bodies.



Most times I hide behind slouchy and puffy cloths just because my baby pouch is still showing. “Ah! Zobam, I could have sworn that you are pregnant again”. “Hmmm, you have added so much weight, na only you dey chop all the food for house abi?” These are words that I hear all the time.

I decided to focus on myself for sometime. I joined a Facebook weight loss challenge some time ago and I saw a significant progress, only for me to fall sick after a few weeks and that it how I failed to complete the challenge. Remember that you have just popped out a human being or two from your body. So it will naturally take some time for you to snap back. Please don’t dwell on the miraculous social media snap backs. Genes still contribute a lot in this category so don’t beat up your beautiful self about it.

caged nigerian blogger

Always remember YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL IN AND OUT! And your baby still smiles at you without even noticing those love handles, the flabby tummy or the stretch marks, that is love right there that you should be confident about. Surround yourself with the right people, who would speak positively to you and encourage you to strive harder. Don’t cage yourself .



This will help with stamina to do whatever you do during the day, such as taking care of your child/children and your husband 😉 This might be a little demanding but you have to exercise to work out the fat you probably accumulated during breast feeding phase. Diet also helps you get results. I noticed that once I start skipping dinner my tummy comes down gradually. But no doubt I still fall off the wagon and get back on it again.



Trust me ladies after breast feeding for about 11 months my girls are not the same again. They are seriously responding to gravity and reduced in size.  I quickly planned to go shop for some new ones. They obviously needed more support; this was the case with my Butts. Pre-pregnancy I was a keen believer of squats and other butt exercises, my butt was improving then my pregnancy and post-pregnancy I had no butts. Hmmm, since I was nursing at the time and I cannot afford a surgery 😛 I diligently invested in butt pads. I wear it occasionally depending on the silhouette of the dress or outfit I would be wearing. Waist cincher come in handy too, they give you the figures 8 look in a minute. 😉

If you paid for it … It’s yours right? LOL


So, what is your take on the rate of body shaming that is going on the web? What would you say if you were body shamed as a girl, a mum, a young man or a father? How would you feel?

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Shirt – Thrifted

Pants – Bershka

Fedora Hat – C & A

Gold clutch Purse- H&M

Flat gold shoes- H&M

Rivet Nude sandals – Czasnabutypl



  1. Beautiful blog ma’am.
    I was shocked getting to know that you’re a mom. You’re a BEAUTIFUL YUMMY MOMMY. No one should convince you otherwise.
    This is a great post. Body shaming is mostly directed at people with a little extra flesh; I’ve had a share of it too.
    It has to stop.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Honestly, if i was bodyshamed on social media or by a stranger, i won’t take it serious but of it were someone i know, a family member or friend, then I might just get a little picky about it. I dunno, that’s just how i am. Nice post between.

    Liked by 1 person

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