Cleanliness is next to Orderliness

We all have that couch in our bedroom where we keep our so called “half-worn cloths”. “Oh I didn’t sweat today , this shirt is still clean or Lemme just wear it once more” and the pile keeps growing and growing and before we know it, it is a huge mess.

I personally don’t like such. Subconsciously, it disturbs me but guess what? The people closest to me do it and I am guilty as well. If I arrange it before they get back … I would not hear the last of it. “Where is that my green shirt!?” where is this? where is that? Gosh!

But let us just move on … I suppose you get what I am trying to say. For someone like me that works from home, it’s really disturbing and coupled with the fact that it means more chores for me. 😦

That aside, I can be lazy to organize but I notice that I always have a snapshot of those unkempt areas and it keeps disturbing me no matter where I am.  I keep thinking of what I have to do, “I need to clean the rooms, the bathrooms” etc. I honestly, don’t get to do all I need to… because I don’t have a Help and I am trying to multi-task, It just Me! So I just unplug sometimes and chill. Hubby can be so helpful too. 🙂

When I finally get to keep everything in place, I have a clean space, I organize myself better. Dirty shirts go for dry cleaning, Baby’s cloths in the washing machine, Plates washed, Pots scored with Iron sponge and Scoring powder,bathrooms washed clean with bleach … Not forgetting my hair, washed makeup brushes and groomed nails too.

This does not mean that its only you house that needs to be tidy. Your car interior needs cleaning , your handbag, shoes or even your office work desk. Try and clean it out once in awhile and throw in some DIY to help keep it organized.

work station

I think better and function better generally. I find it easier to prepare my to-do-list.

Here are some quick tips that can help you quickly organize your space.

reuse (1)


  • On your working table. You could use a tea cup or an old jar  (not your favorite tea cup though) 🙂 to put all the stationary in place.
  • When you are too lazy to get to your dustbin. You could use a waterproof bag or a paper bag to put in those bits of eye pencil leads, unwanted papers, biscuit wraps for those that snack in the bed while watching T.V. whenever you are leaving the room you can take it to the central bin.Introducing
  • Keep your laundry basket close enough so those clothes don’t end up on that our couch of many half-worn cloths …LOLstylebeatbyzobam.com.ng


  • Lots of hangers will also help. You can hang your cloths neatly in your wardrobe. You can color-code with hangers to know the ones you have worn and those clean ones.SUIT (1)
  • Plan your free days for cleaning or organizing. This way you don’t get overwhelmed by so many things to clean on your deep cleaning day. You could dedicate an hour a everyday to clean on part of the house. This means that you might have your Saturday free for Lounging or for weddings 😉


I hope these few tips will come in handy for you.

I will be looking forward to your comments. Tell me how you organize your cleaning and tips that work for you.

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  1. Ohhh even after arranging, my little oga whelp me rearrange. The laundry basket can’t be organized as long as Darren is awake and active. Or is it my work table that he climbs to tear books and scatter the stationaries thanks to the seat😂😂. Life of a mother


  2. I have this weird thing where I’ll arrange the whole house and mop and clean but I’ll forget to arrange my room at all.lol. its just lack of self discipline, reusing things is key



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