I am in a review mood! Whoop! Whoop! and it is Monday 🙂

You can already tell I am excited

How have you been? Hope you have planned your week already ?

I have been looking for the right natural products to use on my super dry and sensitive skin, and trust me it has been a hustle. First, I blew up my money on a brand on Instagram , this brand that I am not going to mention its name is owned by one celebrity somebody …hehehe .

I am very careful of what I put on my body because of its sensitive nature. And I know there are tons of products circulating on the web especially on Instagram as natural skin care products.

The new wave of natural skin care has turned almost everyone a skin therapist. A while ago I read on the gram that some a hair relaxer to some of these unlabeled skin care products and only God what else they add all in the name of skin toning lotion , eagle eye body wash , Egyptian glow serum and the names are unlimited  but the rest is a story for another day.

Anyways, moving on …

I traveled to visit my in-laws in Lagos and my wonderful sister in-law introduced me to an all-natural black soap. This soap contains a lot of essential natural oils too which are good for the skin.

*Drum Roll* Please!!!

The FIG BRIGHTENING BLACK SOAP WITH TUMERIC (EGG AND COCONUT OIL FREE) It is solely chemical and preservative free.

black soap skin care routine tumeric organic soap

The first pack I got was about NGN 5000 but for recently it goes for NGN 5,500.

black soap skin care routine tumeric organic soap
A glob of soap – glob of gold 🙂  This amount for me is  typically enough for a bath.

I have used about 2 containers of the black soap, which contains about 700grams each.

This soap lasts about 3 months, but that is if hubby does not dip his hand into the soap. LOL

This soap is specifically tailored to sensitive skin. It has helped me with hyper-pigmentation which I had from pregnancy. I also use it while washing my natural hair, but not always.

The soap does not have to be refrigerated but I still freeze mine,  I basically share the soap into two keep one in the freezer an the rest in the bathroom just so it stays fresh for as long as I use it.

It does all it says it does. I love my supple, smooth and improved skin now. No flakes, no blemishes.   For my face it doesn’t quite go well so I keep it away from my face but for my body Issa Real deal !

INGREDIENTS: Turmeric (this is the brightening agent), Black soap base, lavender essential oil , Tumeric powder, Honey , almond oil , peppermint oil , rosemary oil , Frankincense oil

You can check them out on Instagram @fighealthstore

Or on their website

NB:  This is not a sponsored post. The product reviewed was purchased by me.

It would be nice to Share your own natural skin care products with me in the comment section below.

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