I used to be that child that would love to accompany her mum to the market. I loved it not because of the treats that would come along the way but because I wanted to help my mum. If you live in Nigeria you already know how stressful it could be to go grocery shopping especially when you would be going with Mum.Β 

The haggling, the barrow pushers shouting ” uzo! Uzo!” ( Give way) , the thrift clothing sellers screaming , some ringing bells, the fruits seller pouring dirty water on the floor and an array of sorry! Sorry! That would follow suit.

The bright, hot sun that would be dehydrating you as mum keeps walking deeper into the market all in the bid to get a fairer price for the items on her list. Sometimes we get to the area where the goods are been off-loaded from the trucks, when you look down your feet are buried in thick mud over 3 inches high. And all you wish for is for rain not to come.Β  Then as we shop we would keep our things at strategic points, so that while we are leaving we would pick up our bags as we go along.

I feel so drained when we get home, but best believe you still have to take the groceries from the car into the house and probably assist Mum in the kitchen to set up dinner. This is an experience that I don’t wish to relive, not to talk of going to such place with my child on my back. Don’t misunderstand me, I can go and shop anywhere because I learnt from the very best but what if you had a GROCERY SHOPPER?

Since I moved to a new town its been quite a hustle for me to go grocery shopping. But I have been so blessed;Β  my friend Kelechi helps me do my shopping. Thanks girl I appreciate you!

Then the best part, my special delivery lady πŸ˜‰ The grocery shopper port harcourt came into my life. This is how it happened.Β  I saw a broadcast in a Whatsapp group and I was intrigued by the prices of the items listed, so I decided to contact the number that was included in the Broadcast and I found out all the information I needed and she responded nicely too.


I am excited … if you live in Port Harcourt Nigeria and you aren’t shopping with her, you are missing out big time. Delivery costs just 1000 NGN. You cannot compare that to the sun, or the taxi driver’s insults or the long walk to different stalls.

Let’s take a look at the latest list she posted so you can get an idea of what her prices look like.



(copied as seen)

Available for booking

1. Cow meat (whole cow btw 7 persons)
Full portion – N30,000
1/2 portions -N15,000
1/4 portion – N7,500

Special cow parts; Cow head – N20,000
Cow tail (complete) – N15,000
Cow legs (4pcs) – N8000
Cow assorted -N23,000

2. Goat meat (whole)- N17,000
(1/2) – N8,500
Big goat meat (whole) – N20,000
(1/2 ) – N10,000

3. Ram meat (whole) – N30,000
Ram meat (1/2) -N 15, 000

4. (a). Live Broiler 10pcs (cleaned ) – N20,000
(b). Live Broiler 5pcs(cleaned) – N10,000.

(c). Frozen jumbo chicken laps 10kg – N12,000
(d). Frozen jumbo chicken laps 5kg -N6,000
(e). Frozen turkey wings 10kg – N13,800
(f). Turkey gizzard (10kg) – N 14,000
(g). Turkey gizzard 5kg – N7,000

4. Custard bucket of roasted periwinkles – N6,500
Roasted periwinkles (1/2) – N3,250

6. Crayfish custard rubber -N2,500

7. Dried fish
(a). Carton of thailand fish (between 80 and 90pieces)1/4 – N10,000
1/2 of a portion – N5,000
(b). Agbara ( a portion ) – N15,000
Agbara (1/2 portion ) – N7,500
Inda ( a portion ) – N13,000
Inda (1/2) -N6,500.

8. Snail (full bag 1/5) -N9,000 each
Snail (1/2 a portion ) – N4,500

9. Basket of Jos tomatoes -N12,000
1/2 basket of Jos tomatoes – N6,000

Basket of Kanu tomatoes -N 10, 000
1/2 basket of Kanu tomatoes -N5,000

10. Bag of pepper (1/5) -N 1,500

11. Basket of onions – (1/3) -N4,700

12. Bag of yellow irish potatoes 80kg (1/8 10kg) -N2,900
Yellow Irish potatoes (1/2 portion 5kg) – N1,450

White Irish potatoes 1/8 10kg – N2,500

1/2 5kg – N1,250

13. Bag of potatoes (1/6) – N1,800 each

14. Fresh shrimps (3kg) – N12000

15. Frozen red croaker 20kg -N23,000
Frozen red croaker 10kg -N11,700

16. Frozen mullet 10kg – N6,900
Frozen mullet 5kg – N3,450

18. Original skumbia 10kg- N9,500

19. Custard rubber of Okro -N600

20. Bag of Enugu yellow garri (7 basins) – N19,000
1/2 (3.5 basins) -N9,500
1/4 (1.75basins) – N4,750
Bag of Enugu white garri (7 basin) – N17,000
1/2 (3.5 basins) – N8,500
1/4 (1.75 basins) – N4,250


Cow Meat shearing date : Friday 3rd November, deadline for cow payment Thursday 2nd November

Other items delivery days : Wednesday and Friday.

Delivery fee: 1000.

Call or WhatsApp to order: 07032532548.

Fast forward to few days back , my order was ready for delivery. I got a phone call from the Grocery shopper to get directions to my house. But first of all lets take a look at myΒ order. πŸ™‚

Fresh Tomatoes

fresh food , grocery
This is one quarter of the tomatoes ( NGN 5000) . I shared one portion with my friend.
groceries , port harcourt shopper
sorting the tomatoes …Β 


fresh foods groceries nigerian shopper
This would make any mum glad … Its honestly cheaper to shop like this.
You could also decide to share a portion with a friend, that is if you feel a portion is too big for you. ( NGN4,500)

fresh pepper ( Atarodo)

Fresh pepper one portion ( 1,500 NGN)

Mullet Fish

frozen foods
Bye! Bye!!! to rumuokoro fish sellers πŸ™‚ This is the 10kg Mullet fish
mullet fish
I had 8 pieces of fish in various sizes. Completely descaled. If you want it chopped you can specify as well.

There you go! I don’t regret my purchase at all compared to what I buy from the regular market … this is a steal!


Things you would gain if you shop with the Grocery Shopper in Port Harcourt.

  • Seamless delivery service costs NGN 1000 for Port Harcourt town.
  • Personalized shopping experience. your orders are delivered as you have ordered
  • You get fresh foods, carefully selected. No spoiled foods.
  • All foods are cleaned and washed.
  • Neatly packed. You can just put it straight into your freezer.
  • You can also inquire about groceries that are not stated on the list such as fruits etc.
  • If you introduce two friends you get free delivery.

You can join the WhatsApp group if you reside in Port Harcourt, Nigeria CLICK HERE

Call or WhatsApp to order: 07032532548.

Follow on Instagram HERE

Hmm, I hope I helped someone πŸ™‚ . Anyways, I have been all about food on my Instagram page this week.

Did you see my post about Ice cream stealing technique …LOL You should check it out . And some food hacks too that would make your life easier πŸ˜‰

Till next time… Don’t forget to share , like , comment and subscribe.



  1. Used it. LOVED It! Oh how I hate going to Borokiri market for dried fish and fresh seafood. Especially as I live around Eleme.. The other extreme end. This has been a lifesaver.. My menus have definitely become more varied.. it’s a good One!

    Liked by 1 person

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