Food to my soul is basically to eat food … I am actually not expecting any fancy food, just simple and a well-made meal. I am cool like that!

Good food never disappoints


Are you are foodie like me let us become friends on Instagram 😉

So on Saturday 14th of October, I went for a food festival in Port Harcourt. I am new in Port Harcourt so I am always excited to go out, meet new people and get a feel of the town.

Enough said let’s dive right into my experience at the event.

I got to the Port Harcourt International food event between 2pm and 3pm. It held at the pleasure park, a beautiful park with many attractions for both kids and adults. The ticket was reasonable; I paid NGN500.00 to enter the park.

Once I got in I called up my girl, a fellow blogger NANA . We met for the first time so I was really excited to meet someone that I have been chatting with for a while. Not too long after that Gift whom I just call “Gifty”  also joined our mini blogger mixer.

Nana of and I
Gift of (left) , Nana  of (right) and I (center)

So back to the event, Trust the music was loud and pleasant but people were barely dancing because they were busy taking selfies and eating too. I personally didn’t like the atmosphere of the event everyone was kinda stuck up with themselves so I didn’t quite bother myself.

A view of the Food festival at Port Harcourt pleasure Park

I quickly asked Nana who she got the chicken she had earlier from, she showed me to Fifi’s Food House . She was so warm and smiley and of course I had to support her.

Fifi’s food house doing her thing…

I purchased a beautiful bottle of zobo Drink named “Jowbo” for NGN200, I was lucky to have met the last two bottles


and a well-spiced piece of chicken for NGN500 (I used it to do treasure for hubby shaa…) She had a very appetizing menu such as Jollof rice which went for about NGN1500 for a potion and a piece of chicken. There was sautéed gizzard, onugbu soup (bitter leaf soup), fried rice and lots more.

I loved my zobo soooo much

Moving on…

I suddenly spotted a stand with clean sea foods and other local cooking condiments. These foods were neatly packed; these would make any Nigerian woman happy in the kitchen.

Neatly packed Oporo and Oron Crayfish
Smoked fish
CEO Kami Food Mart
Selife with Gifty and Kami

Neat crayfish, neat smoked fish without sand like the ones sourced from the normal markets, Mobility of the seller and ability to supply to a buyer in huge quantity. This was really enticing, trust me my Nigerian mum instincts got the best of me. I took her contact and she was nice enough to take a selfie and of course I had to take pictures of her products to show my hubby. You can check Kami Food Mart out on Instagram and facebook 

Where are my Ketogenic people? This one is for you!


Kilali Organic Coconut Products, the products on this stand were lovely. What beats all organic and healthy products? Absolutely nothing, I’m all for healthy organic lifestyle. The banner says that their products are unsweetened , gluten free and vegan. Anyway, let me share what I saw on this stand. There was organic cold pressed coconut oil, shea butter , coconut flour, coconut milk , carrot oil, shredded coconut flour, some healthy snacks too. Check them out on facebook : KILALI’s 100% Pure Organic Coconut Products.

An array of coconut based products and non-coconut based products

As soon as we left the organic stand,  some guys at the Jumia food stopped us and asked Gifty and I who we were? We said we are bloggers and the next thing they asked us to take a picture with the Jumia food props to get a food voucher of NGN2000,

Jumia Food

after snapping the guy said but we only get the voucher if we post the pictures and use all the hash tags then they will send someone to give us the voucher. Now that was tricky if you as my foodie self because I was already dreaming of food that I would enjoy with that voucher. I would still try posting it and I will let you know how that goes. Off to the next stand I went …

yum! I love cakes but I somehow I managed to trick my mind into moving forward!

Its Nengi’s Piece of cake stand, the attendant was pretty nice and they had some nicely packed pastries such as, cookies, chin-chin. He bakes for different occasions such as birthdays, weddings and lots more He is on Instagram  The CEO ( an Engineer turned Baker) of this brand nice and somewhat quiet but he obliged to taking a selfie.

Nengi’s piece of cake boss, Gifty and I

Maudysmaag’s stand was bubbling with sales and nice meals too. They were glad we took pictures of their stand and what they had to offer too.

maudy s
Maudy Smaag
maudy smaag
Maudy Smaag Port Harcourt

My next stop…  Golden tulip, Oh …. Their staff were the best, I didn’t even buy from them but they were so warm and entertaining too especially the chef I met on the stand he was hilarious.

The hilarious Golden tulip Chef and I

Best believe I had to take a selfie with him. They had an array of dishes on display such as shrimps, kebabs, rice and lots more.

Golden Tulip Cusine

And then we met Olivia who was on duty at the event. We had a good time taking pictures and catching up.

This is Nana missing in action. She left already. But the squad is still slaying hard 😉

This was the high light of my day! Big kitchen.


Hmmm… I love anything that has two slices of bread or bread buns the stuffed with meats, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber or pickles but without cheese and guess what? They offer that too. All I have to do is call the chef and place my order like I want it and boom! It’s delivered to my doorstep in Port Harcourt. The burgers vary in sizes; the biggest size was quite interesting and intimidating.

Am having an affair with this Burger in my mind 
Why Evils? Hmm hubby said ” I dey fall hand, why you no carry this thing come house”

I will definitely not eat that outside my home, I would love to sit down on my center rug, with shorts and bra only while I take a walk in that burger world… Gosh! I am already imagining the mayonnaise dripping and running down my hands. Perfection!  Okay I think I need to snap out of this bliss.. lol Best Believe the CEO was glad to take pictures with us and also feature the big Burger too! Say what?! I got a discount voucher too. Yaaaay!

CMK culinary art school  , a culinary school from Lagos was present too. It was a Chinese Wok kitchen in Nigeria. It was quite interesting. If you have plans of going into the culinary world professionally in Nigeria, I think you should check them out and make inquires.

CMK Culinary Art School and Mobile chef services
I had to strike a small pose shaa

I certainly missed some stands but I was pretty exhausted so we took to the climbing tower for some pictures but you know am lying. HAHAHA! You know that moment you have a friend that knows what pictures mean to your blogging carrier, it just turns to a photo session immediately.

Overall , I think the organization was good. But it did not meet my expectations because it was called festival so I was looking forward to some entertainment food fight maybe , dance competitions. The festival held under four canopies, Blogger presence was zero, although I saw some cameramen and presenters.

I am still going to give you a review of the park in my next post.

Have you been to food festivals before? I would like to know what your experience was. The comment section is all yours 🙂

Until next time…

Keeping Loving , commenting , following and sharing



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