My dearest readers, I am so happy to be here with you today. 🙂

Its been a crazy week for me but … How you doin’ ? *in Miss Wendy’s voice …lol

So, today lets talk about style.  Hmmm… Sometimes it could be confusing to define your style especially when there are tons of trends that are making waves. No one wants to slack right? The slaying game has to be on point! 😉

But, wait! how many trends can one really follow? It’s not a race, style has to do with individuality. They say fashion is what you wear, Style is how you wear it.  I came up with few tips that I stand by and I think it can help you as well.



“Fashion is pain” This certainly doesn’t apply to me. I can’t imagine myself inflicting pain on myself, when I have the option to diversify. Don’t get me wrong, The plunging necklines, stilettos and show-back dresses really look nice but for some certain reasons I decided not to venture into that zone. I wouldn’t want my girls to wobble and come out while I bend to do stuffs, I don’t want the girls to distract people or someone from paying attention to what I have to say.  Hence, I comfortably cover them up 🙂

This doesn’t mean you can’t air your girls if that is your thing. Just remember to own it and wear them well. Also don’t forget that good under garments would also help in this department.



Timeless trendy pieces in my opinion are those pieces in your wardrobe that form the basis of your outfit such as Jeans, Polo or T shirts , white collar shirts , loop earrings, stud earrings, black pants and the list goes on and on.


My advice would be to invest in good quality pieces that would last you for a while.  You can always throw in some colors with belts, shoes, bags etc to revamp your style from time to time.



Timeless doesn’t mean you should be outdated, a little change in color, texture etc. can turn into another style.



Who are you? What would you name your style? Chic? Tomboyish/ Andro? Classy? Minimalist? Rock? Street/Urban?  For me, I would call my style comfy Tomboy.  I know I like easy-breezy cloths. Lots of polo and Jeans, if it is ripped then am loving it more.  So, one really has to find that that defines his or her person through fashion. On the other hand, I still drop the boots and sneakers whenever I need to up my game. 😉



This is one sensitive subject for me because I am a shoe junkie. I melt whenever I see fab comfy shoes, but that is a story for another day.  I don’t think it would be a wise idea to blow up you savings just to look good, one must not break the bank because I would want to believe that there are more important things to invest it.  There are always cheaper options when you want to shop such as resale stores, thrift stores or even waiting a while and shopping during sales. 🙂 Be calculated, buy what you really need and not what you want. ♥

I still splurge once in awhile, It is good to treat yourself good especially if you work so hard to make that money. But ! Be cautious so you don’t slip into debt to the seller or yourself.

Until next time keep loving , sharing and commenting.

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Much Love.




  1. Thank you love for the feature, tbh I don’t follow every trend, I just wear what I love at that time and sometimes it depends on my mood aswell.
    Love this post btw 🙂


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