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I hope this post meets you well? 🙂

I suppose your shopping list is on point for the weekend.

Am sure you would be wondering which one is Zobam’s hair recipe for her mind* 🙂 .

Well am I am a #naturalista , I went natural in  September 2014, and since then I have been trying to find what works for my Comb breaking hair . Hehehe FYI my hair can crack a rock 😦 . So somehow in February 2016 while I was visiting my folks, I decided to mix things together and IT WORKED!!!!

Let’s cut to the chase …

  • Aloe Vera

So , I already knew Aloe vera is good for the skin , burns, ulcers and lots more, but I knew closer to nothing when I comes to Aloe vera an its benefits to hair generally.  I took to google to find out what this wonder plant does for the hair especially natural hair.       * I would share my hair journey in another post, explaining why I joined the #naturalhairgang .

I stumbled on this during my search 6 amazing benefits of Aloe Vera

… And that is how I included it in my regimen 🙂

PRICE : This was gifted to me by my lovely â™¥ mum. I turned a worn-out wash-hand basin into flower pot. I used the burner to open some holes beneath for draining water. It doesn’t need much water though but I you want succulent leaves you should water it once in a while.

P1030796 (1)

  • OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Penetrating Oil

When I bought this oil, my intention was to use it for my human hair wigs because of the silky finish it gives to the hair. Then it occurred to me that this would be bae ♥♥ for my kinky hair. And so I joined the Recipe basket. It has enough description on the body, which I find true to the last T.  It strengthens, restores shine, softness and adds luster to damaged hair.

PRICE : 2,000 NGN in February at Zahra New haven, Enugu.

P1030776 (1)


How can one handle nappy hair without combs. These are the ones I use.

PRICE : The brown comb 500 NGN range , The black one was gifted to me by my sister â™¥

P1030774 (1)

I have been using this for my face for quite sometime but not this particular brand. I used one from The body shop Brand but in Nigeria its quite pricey so I searched for an alternative and found this 30 ml sized tea tree oil.

I know it has grate healing properties especially for the scalp, stimulates hair growth and its has antibacterial  qualities too.  You can read more CLICK HERE .

N.B. The Estella’s pride is hotter than the body shop tea tree oil , its very mild which i love♥ . With that in mind I use few drops of the Estella’s tea tree oil and I don’t use it on my face.

PRICE : Estella’s Pride 3,500NGN  SHOP HERE Vs The body shop tea tree oil 9,350NGN  SHOP HERE  P1030767 (1)


This is boom.com. Believe me when I say its an awesome product. Fresh coconuts were obviously used to make this baby right here. My hubby gets this from a colleague at work. Everyone one in the house uses it now as body cream, so I decided to add it to my hair regimen and I am not regretting that decision.

This helps my hair grow faster and bulk up too. It is also good for the scalp and I read that it reduces build up on hair follicles.

PRICE: 1,000NGN CALL TO SHOP (Nigerian residents) +2348135302646 or sales@organicfusion.ng

P1030745 (1)


I have used this for sometime now. I love the luscious feeling it gives to my hair after a good wash. Reduces breakage and frizziness. It helps add moisture and makes my hair soft. READ MORE

PRICE : 2,650 NGN from Everyday supermarket in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


P1030740 (1)

Sometimes, I add olive oil to the list. I think this post is long enough for today.

I would assume that by my next post that you must have purchased all these items. I would show you how I pair everything on the list on my wash day.

Till next time …




  1. I think your hair recipe mix is really rich.. You can actually work on your hair with out combs by using the finger detangling method, its means a longer wash day but it’s totally worth it as there would be less breakage and shedding.. I love how clear your images are.


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