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Today , I would be taking you though a typical wash day ie. what happens whenever I wash my hair. I hope you learn one or two things from this post. 🙂

My typical wash day starts with combing out my hair to detangle it . I use my fingers first, then section the hair and comb from the tips to the roots with a  big wide tooth comb.

This what my fro looks like after combing


Shampooing is next … I use cantu shea butter moisturizing shampoo.

After shampooing my Hair recipe 🙂 goes next * stay tuned I would be sharing the recipe with you 🙂

After applying my secret hair recipe, I cover it with a shower cap for some heat and deep conditioning. The heat opens up the hair shaft for more moisture and conditioning.
P1030787 (1)
A Tee- shirt is your friend. If it has designs like this one, just turn to the back of the shirt and use it to dry your hair.
I deep condition for about an hour and I head back to the shower to rinse off with cool water. Then I dry my hair with a T-shirt. Towels trap my hair and cut them, so I stay away from them.
Once damp, I apply do the LOC method to lock in the moisture. LOC means leave-in- conditioner . Oils, Cream/Butter. Then, I comb again very carefully to detangle, my hair is quite curly. The corn rows take center stage to protect the tips of my hair, stretch and reduce tangling.

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Featured image: pintrest.com


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