Hi everyone,

How are you doing today? For me? I am feeling very motivational today.  I am sure you can tell by the title of this post.

I felt a need to address the fact that everyone needs to take sometime out and reevaluate.

So let’s get talking … 😉

Donut worry; (3)


How do you see yourself?  Sometimes we see pictures of people on the web and say I wish my tummy is as flat as hers, I wish this, I wish that… Don’t get me wrong it’s okay to wish. I wish I have a slaying bikini body.  I paused, looked at myself and said I maybe able to achieve this or not. But! I have to TRY and remember you are the best version of YOU no pirated copy.  You are the best, so strive to stay true to yourself.

Donut worry; (5)

Take the bull by the horn

I decided to watch what goes on and into my body, food, drinks,products etc.  As a self proclaimed foodie, it was quite difficult but taking care of my body is SELF LOVE , it is SELF RESPECT.  Waking up on time to plan my day is also showing myself some love.  How? I love myself enough to wake up early to add some value to my day and render care to my family.  Taking the bull by the horn could be anything for you. You can customize it to your needs. There are no rules here. What matters is that you see yourself through and improve.

Donut worry; (1)

Retreat or retrace

As, an artist I was taught to take few steps back to have a better view of my work while working.  Which work? My life right now is my work.  I owe it to myself and no one else to stay focused, happy and positive.  For instance, what is your circle of friends doing for you at the moment?  How much positivity and progress have you gained from being in that circle? DO you need to take some steps back and retrace? These are questions that you need to ask yourself  and make a decision. 🙂 This retrace option does not only pertain to friends only. It could be anything.

Donut worry; (4)

Yearn for more (hope)

How bad do you want it? what is keeping you from getting to your set goal? Hmmm. Let’s take nature as an example. Nature has an order, but once something falls out of place you see her revolt with full force (earthquakes, hurricanes etc) crashing a lot of things, and then after the chaos trees start growing back, grasses grow back everything starts falling back into place gradually and systematically. That force has to take place for new things to take place.  Sometimes, I sacrifice my sleeping time to get somethings done, I don’t allow my sacrifice affect my daily routine.  Remember nothing ever happens in Comfort Zone District 🙂 Yearn for more and seek it (work towards it). You must push yourself, revolt against your comfort zone syndrome *that’s if there is anything like that 🙂 . I trust you get my point.

Note: I am not in anyway perfect, I am still rediscovering myself as the day goes by. I keep reinventing myself to get to where I want to be.

“Remember if quitting was an option humans(Babies) would not be walking.”

I hope I have struck a cord in someone today with this post, If I did, i would like to see you ♥COMMENT ♥ LIKE ♥ SHARE ♥ SUBSCRIBE ♥

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Until next time…


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