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You know your girl gat you 🙂 It’s DIY day baybay!

I would suggest you bookmark this post for reference when you are ready to make this for yourself and maybe some friends and family.

Here somethings you would be needing for this project.

  • Sewing thread , Office Pins, Measuring tape
  •  Paddle Brush, Hair comb, Ribbon ( about a yard )
  • 1″ elastic band , Hair extensions (any colour of your choice) I used two textures to match my kinky hair , candle X Matches

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Brush thoroughly and secure with a band and leave out some of the band . Unto the next one 🙂


On my bed post, I attached the extended band to it. There was no one to help me hold the hair extensions while braiding. After that, attach the ribbon and secure lightly because you would unravel it later. Then braid the hair extension and ribbon together.

P1030703 (1)
This is what you should end up with. with your scissors trim the frays for a neat finish.


P1030709 (1)
… Then into four.

P1030712 (1)
Cut out two little rectangles.

P1030713 (1)
Fold two edges together and Sew the sides .

P1030714 (1)
This is what they should look like at this stage.

P1030715 (1)
Attach the fabric with office pins.

P1030719 (1)
After securing it with stitches … cut the excess out. NOTE: You should measure the circumference of you head  and deduct some inches so that the elastic would have space to give the braided part some grip.

P1030721 (1)
Cut the excess and secure the frayed part with some heat, a candle can be used to do this or a hot glue gun, if you have one

P1030722 (1)
Burn it and secure properly.


braid diagram
This a diagram showing how the braided band should look like. The gray part on the right side is where you add the elastic band. repeat on the other side and join the two sides with the elastic band.

This is the hairband on a mannequin head.

That’s me rocking my hair band, forgive the no makeup face 🙂

But what do you think about it ? Tag me on your own let me see how yours turned out CLICK HERE

Until next Post …

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Zobam ♥

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