P1030807Hi Subbies,

My birthday is closeby.  I am really thankful and in the mood to give and show my appreciation for life.

Am sure you are looking forward to winning this giveaway!

Here are the rules:

♥   You must subscribe/ follow my blog.

♥   You must follow my Instagram page and tag at least 3 of your friends on Instagram. CLICK HERE.

♥   Repost the giveaway picture on your wall with the hashtag #stylebeatgiveaway (for visibility) This is the only way to view your entry.

♥  Your Instagram account must be a public account.

♥  The winner(s) would get a surprise gift including the giveaway items.

♥  The winner(s) would be chosen at random.

N.B: Family and relatives are not allowed to enter for the giveaway 🙂 ♥


♥ Shoe specs : Consider this during entry.

Red tassels sandals : 41 EUR, 8.5 UK, 10.5 US.

Sophie Webster Inspired sandals : 39 EUR, 6.5 UK, 8.5 US.

Nude sandals with snake print ankle band: 39 EUR, 6.5 UK, 8.5 US.

Don’t forget to wish me a happy birthday 🙂 LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE.

I might mail you a piece of my birthday cake 🙂



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