Hi everyone,

Hmmm, I have been planning to share this with you for awhile now but I have been stalling for no reason.

Pardon my manners *hands on my face Hope you are doing great? 🙂

So, today I felt I should share a few things that I have implemented lately into my daily routine, I forgot to mention that I am a stay-at- home mum at the moment and I am proud of it. But this comes with its ups and downs.

As a new mum, it can be very challenging, your body changes , your breasts are dripping at all times and the list goes on and on 😦

Don’t get me wrong , I love being  a mom. My baby’s smile makes my day everyday, It means he is happy and that makes me happy too.

New mums most times feel like they have lost themselves because of the round the clock needs of the household, it sometimes brings some kind of tension in the house. I felt the same way too, but with some practice and starting over again and again I began to understand that we just have to schedule ourselves around what is going on at home.

What am I trying to say here? You plan your day around your baby’s sleeping routine and remember it changes at every stage of their growth so your scheduling should be flexible too.

Make a TO – DO – LIST

Once I am done making breakfast for Hubby and kiss him goodbye 🙂 He leaves for work. I quickly wash up and clean the kitchen. Then I sit down, grab a pen and paper and write down all I want to do in the day. I make a list of practical things I know I can realize in that day.

This is what my typical to do list looks like 🙂


This gives me a sense of direction  and organization. Below is a sample for you ( from canva.com)

Download Here

Early to bed

We all know early to bed is early to rise 🙂 but if you have a hubby that loves to stay up late it might affect you. Well, discussing it with him helped me, so I can now go to bed at same time as my baby. This helps me get up early and face my day. I used to wake up around 11 am before I say JACK ROBINSON, It’s 3 pm and Its time for me to start prepping for dinner. And I don’t achieve much at the end of the day.


Don’t Forget Yourself

Its very easy to forget that you also need to take care of yourself and stay on point for hubby.  Yea, it could be overwhelming as a first time mom. Take your bath before hubby gets home from work.  Remember to do your pedicure and manicure as much as you can.  There are also a lot of online classes going on now for a small token while some are free, this helped me redirect my steps, be in the right community so you can get the right support and also you would see you are not alone.  You can enroll in some of these classes to help you learn a skill or improve on your skills. Social media has made it somewhat easy to communicate with the world, so you can still do business from the comfort of your home 😉

Let’s hangout again … I had fun writing this 🙂

Let me know what you think in the comment section.




  1. Nne Odiro easy cha cha. It can be depressing but keeping a to-do list and having the discipline to come through with it is key. Thank God for social media, stay at home moms can now easily interract, connect and even work from home.


  2. Really interesting read. Am working presently and thrive on to do lists. Had never really thought of using them at home or when I was on maternity leave. Also looking nice and fresh at the end of the day is a good one… Looking frumpy used to be my style. I have definitely picked up something.

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